Azure FrontDoor : Article 05

What is Azure FrontDoor?

Azure Front Door manages web traffic by optimizing for best performance and quick global fail over for high availability. By using Front Door, we can transform our global (multi-region) consumer and enterprise applications into robust, high-performance personalized modern applications, APIs, and content that reaches a global audience with Azure.

Features of Azure FrontDoor

  1. Accelerate application performance
  2. Increase application availability with smart health probes.
  3. URL-based routing
  4. Multiple-site hosting
  5. Session affinity
  6. TLS termination
  7. Custom domains and certificate management
  8. Application layer security
  9. URL redirection
  10. URL rewrite

Let’s begin to create azure FrontDoor

Create two instances of a web app

In this method i am creating two instances of a web application that run in different Azure regions.

Create a Front Door for your application

Step 1 : At Azure menu, select Create a resource. Select Networking > Front Door.



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