Azure Functions : Article 07

What is Azure Function?


  1. Serverless applications
  2. Choice of language
  3. Pay-per-use pricing model
  4. Bring your own dependencies
  5. Integrated security
  6. Simplified integration
  7. Flexible development
  8. Stateful serverless architecture
  9. Open-source

Create a function in Azure using Visual Studio Code

Configure your environment

Create your local project

  • Choose a directory location for your project workspace and choose Select.Choose a directory location for your project workspace and choose Select.
  • Select a language for your function project: Choose Java.
  • Provide a group ID: Choose com.function.
  • Provide an artifact ID: Choose azure_function.
  • Provide a version: Choose 1.0-SNAPSHOT.
  • Provide a package name: Choose com.function.
  • Provide an app name: Choose myFunction-021.
  • Select how you would like to open your project: Choose Add to workspace.

Run the function locally

  1. To call your function, press F5 to start the function app project. Output from Core Tools is displayed in the Terminal panel.
  2. If you haven’t already installed Azure Functions Core Tools, select Install at the prompt. When the Core Tools are installed, your app starts in the Terminal panel. You can see the URL endpoint of your HTTP-triggered function running locally.

Sign in to Azure

  1. When prompted in the browser, choose your Azure account and sign in using your Azure account credentials.
  2. After you’ve successfully signed in, you can close the new browser window. The subscriptions that belong to your Azure account are displayed in the Side bar.

Publish the project to Azure

  1. Choose the Azure icon in the Activity bar, then in the Azure: Functions area, choose the Deploy to function app… button.

Run the function in Azure




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