Azure Introduction

What is Microsoft Azure & How does this works? click here

Hello Everyone..! This is my introduction Article that demonstrates Faq (Frequently Asked Questions) using Microsoft Azure.

Demo of my Project

Technology I used


Angular10 is my front end language i used for this project. Here i code only the basic stuffs that needed for my project. Mainly focused on azure.

You can get my project on GitHub. click here

Reference :


Springboot is by backend language. Here also mainly focused on the azure not the code.

You can get my project on GitHub. click here.


Azure Database for MySQL

The database used here is Azure Database for MySQL. The Database creating method is mentioned in my series of articles.

My Series of Articles

  1. Azure Active Directory click here
  2. Key vault click here
  3. Azure Resource Group click here
  4. Azure CDN click here
  5. Frontdoor click here
  6. App services click here
  7. Azure Functions click here
  8. Azure Database for MySQL server click here
  9. Azure Firewall click here
  10. Azure storage click here
  11. Application Insights click here

You can Download my ARM template Here.

Let’s deep dive into my First Article,

See you in the Article 1, Bye bye cheers..!



I am a Professional Software Engineer

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