Implement Redis Cache in Spring Boot Application — Part I (Theory)



Where we can use?

What is Redis?

Multiple forms

  1. In-Memory Database : As an In-Memory database, We will get some empty memory to perform database operations. Moreover, it acts as No-SQL database and there are No Tables, No Sequences, No Joins concept. We can store data in the form of String, Hash Operations***, List, Set etc. In-built services will be available.
  2. Cache : We can also use Redis as a Cache to increase our application performance.
  3. Message Broker(MQ) : Another use of Redis is as a Message Broker.

What is Redis Cache?

What is the advantage of using Redis Cache in your application?

How does the Redis Cache work in the Application?

What is Redis Database?

What is Redis Server?

What are the important annotations to enable Redis Cache in the Application?









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Paul issack minoltan

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