What is swoogle?

What the Wikipedia says?


“what is the best way to index, digest and cache such systems?”, and “is it possible to create a meaningful rank measure that uses link semantics?”.

Following are broad uses of Swoogle:

  1. Finding appropriate ontologies.
  2. Finding instance data
  3. Studying the structure of the semantic web

Swoogle Architecture

  1. SWD discovery -The potential SWDs throughout the Web and keep up-to date information about SWDs.
  2. Metadata creation - The metadata creation component caches a snapshot of a SWD and generates objective metadata about SWDs in both syntax level and semantic level.
  3. Data analysis -The data analysis component uses the cached SWDs and the created metadata to derive analytical reports, such as classification of SWO and SWDB, rank of SWDs, and the IR index of SWDs.
  4. Interface -The interface component focuses on providing data service to the Semantic Web community.




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Paul issack minoltan

Paul issack minoltan

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